Msiku (m-see-goo)

The Mi’kmaq have been inhabitants of what is now known as Nova Scotia since time immemorial and our traditional lands are known as Mi’kma’ki (Mig-mah-gi).  Our documented history goes back over 13,000 years.


There are 13 Mi’kmaq communities in Nova Scotia, and in fact, the Mi’kmaq are the only First Nation tribe that have historically inhabited Nova Scotia.  Today, we are proud to share our lands and history with all Nova Scotians.


While it remains true that Canada’s Indigenous Peoples have higher levels of poverty than non-Indigenous Peoples, it is very important to the Mi’kmaw to participate in economic opportunities to better assist our people.  When cannabis was first legalized, we saw a new and growing industry and knew we had to participate.


We are proud to be 51% owners of the Atlanitcann Medical Inc. licensed production facility and are excited to offer our first brand to market: Msiku.


Msiku (m-see-goo) is the Mi’kmaw word for grass.  Humor is very important in Mi’kmaq culture, and when naming our first brand, we wanted to ensure that we captured our language, culture and who we are as people.  We are sure that you will see and appreciate how this tongue-in-cheek name reflects that humor!

We hope you enjoy what we have laboured to produce.