Are you federally licensed?

Yes, we are federally licensed by Health Canada under the Cannabis Act Regulations.


What's a cannabinoid?

Cannabinoids are naturally occurring compounds found in the Cannabis plant. The most well known among these compounds is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive ingredient and Cannabidiol (CBD ), another important component. Cannabinoids interact with at least 2 different cannabinoid receptors in the human nervous system causing a range of effects.

What's a terpene?

Terpenes are aromatic hydrocarbons that lend fragrance and medicinal effects to hundreds of plants, including cannabis. While choosing cannabis for your medicinal and recreational needs, pay attention to the terpene analysis reports as well as the aroma of the cannabis itself to help achieve the most effective results.

You describe your product as being terpene rich, can you explain what that means?

We select cultivars that are genetically predisposed to produce high levels of terpenes.  We also take steps to encourage terpene development throughout the growth cycle by modifying air temperatures at the end of the flower cycle.  During post-harvest, we dry and store our cannabis in a tightly controlled environment to ensure terpenes are preserved.

Why are the size of the buds different from plant to plant?

Some genetics create larger flowers than others.  We are selecting genetics based on cannabinoid and terpene profiles rather than flower size. Some of our most potent and terpene rich cannabis produces smaller than average flower size.

Does your jar have an air-tight seal for freshness?

Yes, our jar contains a ring valve on the inside of the cap that creates an air-tight seal that negates the need to use an induction liner.

Why is the right moisture content important to the quality and flavour?

When cannabis is too dry the terpenes volatilize, and the flower loses its aroma. Dry cannabis is also harsh and unpleasant to smoke in addition to burning quickly.  

What is the process that allows you to produce craft quality Cannabis?

In every step of our process from propagation to curing, we are focused on producing high quality craft cannabis.  Whether it is in the garden or the trim room, we are doing everything by hand and paying close attention to the details throughout the process.  

How do you decide which strains to grow?

We are selecting genetics based on cannabinoid and terpene profiles rather than flower size and yield. The combination of these two attributes is known as the entourage effect – essentially how does the flower make the end user feel?

How do you decide which strains to grow?

We have never used pesticides on the cannabis being grown at AMI.  We use cultural practices and beneficial insects to keep pests and pathogens out of the garden.

Is your product Irradiated?

No. We use preventative measures rather than curative measures to ensure our flower passes microbial tests.

What are the benefits of hand trimming your product?

Hand trimming preserves the shape of the flower.  It also allows us to grow artisanal strains that do not hold up to an automated trimming process, rather than growing industrial cannabis.

Where can we find your MSIKU products?

Currently our products are sold through provincially authorized retailers in Nova Scotia through the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation and in Ontario through the Ontario Cannabis Store.

How do I pronounce MSIKU?

M-see-goo.  Fun fact – it is the Mi’kmaw word for grass.