Please follow these 3 easy steps to complete your registration with AtlantiCann.

If you have any questions during your application contact us toll free at 1-888-965-0158 or via email at


Transferring from another Licensed Producer or renewing your registration?

You must still complete and submit the Registration Application form as required by Health Canada regulations.

To submit a PDF Registration Form, you can fill it out digitally and
email the document to, or you can print off the
document, fill it out and Fax the document to (902) 865 0796.

Medical Document

The Medical Document is similar to a prescription. Your health care practitioner (or a specialized
cannabis clinic) specifies the dosage and types of product authorized for use. Your practitioner can submit
your medical document to us directly via email or fax.


Most clinics will have their own Medical Document template, if not,
you may download and supply them with the medical document below.


Email:  Fax: (902) 865 0796

If you are already registered with another Licensed Seller of medical cannabis,
you may request the seller transfer AltnatiCann Medical Inc. your medical document.

Submit Completed Documents

If you registered online, your form will automatically be submitted. If you registered with the pDF Registration Form, please make sure to send us a copy. Your form can be emailed (photo or scan), faxed or sent by courier.


The medical document may be submitted by fax if the appropriate section of the medical document allowing fax authorization is initialled by the health care practitioner and the fax is sent from their office.


If you have the original Medical Document from your physician, this must be sent with the physician’s ink signature to AtlantiCann Medical by courier. Please contact AtlantiCann if you would like a free pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope.


Please see below for fax, email and mailing address:

AtlantiCann Medical Inc.
41 Estates Rd.
Lower Sackville, NS
B4C 3Z2
Phone: 1-888-965-0158
Fax #: 902-865-0796